We are no psychologists

But we do believe that change is all about people.
We have to establish a goal together,
so it will be clear what we would like to accomplish.

During a change we will ask a lot of questions. And reflect very much on things we experience and see happening. All to find out why things go the way they do right now.

While doing so we don’t judge.
There’s no right or wrong. Nor good or bad.
Things go the way they go. But WHY?

If you want to change that, what could you do? What shouldn’t you do?

We like to start with process-thinking. Everything in your organisation happens because processes allow it. So don’t blame a person, blame a process! Change the proces in such a way things only can go the way everyone wants them to.

Growing towards continuous improvement isn’t easy.
People do want to improve, therefore they do want to change.
They don’t want to be changed.

Quality4Change is experienced in coaching both teams and individuals in their change.